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Asymetric Master Class!
Written by Pete Pikey   
Sunday, 07 December 2008

A US spokesman, Lt Col Rumi Nielsen-Green, said the incident was "militarily insignificant". "So far there hasn't been a significant loss or impact to our mission," she said.

The purpose of a well executed attack is to dislocate the enemy, to get inside his ability to react and gain advantage. The attack by the Taliban at the Pakistani Port World Logistics terminal has been long anticipated, representing the obvious target for an enemy who has tried conventional resistance, but has realised that he is overmatched. Attacking the baggage shows that the Taliban leadership has finally graduated to the big league and is beginning to think at the operational level. 

NATO Forces are completely reliant on their overland supply chain and the Taliban just cut it! Ltc Nielsen-Green surely cannot have believed that the loss of over 100 armoured HUMVEES will have no impact. She surely cannot think that, having shown how fragile the NATO link is, things will stay the same?

Big Ups to the Taliban in  this one - great use of IPB, audacious use of light forces. A real Sterling moment.

This one belongs to the Taliban!

Last Updated ( Sunday, 07 December 2008 )
Militarily Insignificant?
Written by Pete Pikey   
Sunday, 07 December 2008

"Militarily Insignificant"? Or the Latest Round in the Great Game?

Just a few notes, random ramblings which have no thread:

The attack on the transportation depot was made on 7 December.

The raiders killed no-one

The raid brought the fragility of the NATO supply pipeline into sharp focus

An alternative route through the former Soviet republics is being sought

An alternative route needs the agreement of the Russians as it crosses their territory somewhere along its length

Any alternative will need the ASSENT of the Russians, assent which must be bought

The Russians REALLY do not want an Anti Missile Defense Shield in countries neighbouring their territory

The Shield is designed to counter Iranian Missiles

The Iranians are past masters at politics ....

Do I really need to join these dots for you?


Last Updated ( Sunday, 07 December 2008 )
Map Production in Early 70s - Matador Acid Bath?
Written by Pete Pikey   
Thursday, 23 October 2008

I have spoken to someone today who said that he towed an unusual casualty once from Osnabruck almost to Muenster. The Signals outfit he was with came across a Matador 6x6 (?) at the side of the autobahn. The driver said he was from the Topo and had broken down. He said that his vehicle was designed to tarnsport a bath of acid slung between the front and foremost rear axles. The acid bath was to kept as still as possible to avoid slop and was somehow connected to the production of maps.

The driver said that the  vehicle's fit was classified and could not be left unattended. 

The Unit took the vehicle in tow and was almost in Muenster by the time the Polizei removed them from the autobahn for travelling below the minimum speed limit.

Can anyone give me any more detail about the "Matador" and its role?

Last Updated ( Thursday, 23 October 2008 )
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